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News:   You will need to drop off your completed bubble sheets for scanning at ITS. You will also need to pick up those bubble sheets after the scan is completed. Pick up and drop off your bubble sheets across from the ITS main desk, room 102, in the lobby of the Information Systems Building, (building 54).

Note:   You need an NAU email account to use the scorer. Faculty who do not have an account should contact the solution center at 523-1511 (or 888-520-7215 toll free) to obtain one.


Reports are written in PDF format and accessed via the web. All reports are published (but not printed) by default. An extra report, which lists student names, points scored, percent scored and ID number is written in an HTML table to facilitate import into MS Excel. A new report which lists the raw student answers and the scorer postfile are also written by default in plain text format.

When your scorer run is executed, email will automatically be generated and sent to the instructor of record for the given run. Included in that email will be a URL where you can access the run's reports. This URL is password protected. Only the instructor of record and any designated T.A.s or G.A.s can access the site. The instructor of record can grant and/or remove privileges to users who need access to the report's site. You can access your reports here.

Scorer needs some information about your test via the "Scanning Request Form" (see above). Access the form, fill it out and present it to ITS with the bubbled in scantron test results.

Important heuristics for students

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